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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Toooo bad so sad!!!

I raced the US National Champs GS today here in Winter Park.
After my first run I was in third place which I was really happy about. I was only 6 tenth behind Ted Ligety who was leading, and 3 tenth behind Tim Jitloff...
I felt comfortable in the first run, although some gates where a bit soft. 
In the second run I made some mistakes and moved back to 5ft place... Tommy Ford won, Tim was second and Ted finished third.  Congratulation guys!!

It got even softer second run and I could not adapt quick enough and I fell on my hip entering the last pitch... But it is all good.... now I am looking forward for the upcoming SG in two days.

The bottom part of the second run... with the train in the background... its honking keeps me up at night!!

Big up for the organizers here Winter Park. Athlete Launge, lunch and gifts included...

Nice snakes at the Athlete Lounge to get some energy before racing!!

Team TBS is on a roll, Hans Olsson won two gold medals at the swedish Champs, Andy Romar won the German SG title last week in Garmisch!!! Yea boys, let's keep it going. 

I have been racing a lot in the past weeks and also had to travel from one race to the next,  tomorrow will be a day off and I will use it to recover so I am ready for the SG.
Have a great day,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Woot woot..... what a great week!

After my win in the SG at the Canadian Champs, I finished second at the F.I.S.  SG the day after. I was happy about my second place finish as well. 
Yesterday I raced the Canadian Championship Giant Slalom.
After the first run I was in 4th place... I "over skied" the whole first run, took it a bit too safe and did not  risk enough. As we know as racers, without risk you can not get on the top of the podium. 
In the second run I took more risk and skied a lot better. I made a mistake though in the middle of the second pitch which cost me some time.  Mistakes happen though....
I still ended up on the podium in third place, which made this a great week of skiing in Nakiska for me.

It almost looks like a painting.

Hudec on the top, Spence second and me third....

A part of the course....

This is the Quebec ski team, the team I have been hanging out with!!! Thanks guys....

Cook, Hudec and my self just hanging out after the race at the daycare.

After the race I travelled to Calgary with Todd. I stayed at Erik and Karen's home in Calgary for the night. We had a great dinner with Erik, Karen, Robby and his girlfriend, Lup and myself...
Thank you Karen and Erik for the great hospitality!!

It was a nice day in Calgary, warm and sunny...

This morning I left for Denver where I will be racing the US nationals in the next days.
Have a great day....


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today I raced the SG and I won!! I am really happy about this win!!

I picked start nr. 1 last night and felt good this morning. 
Once again I was the last guy during inspection, but I guess I just need more time then a lot of other racers to really figure out what line I will take. It was the right one!
Once I was getting ready in the starting gate I knew what I had to do and how it should feel, and I also knew that I had the best skis under my feet!
Everything fell in place today.

Me being super happy!! :-)

The last few gates of the Super G race.

Congratulation to Dustin and Jan!!

Piotr, a Coach from the Quebec ski team. Thank you Piotr and the whole Quebec team staff for your generous help.

Posing with my trophy with Dave Irwin ( Crazy Canucks racer ) my new friend Dennis who is in charge of the start.

Cook, Todd and my self. 

What a great day! Now I have to go get ready for tomorrow. On the program is a Super combine, but I will only be racing the SG and not do the SL part. The SG will also count as a F.I.S. SG.

Have a nice day and talk to you soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today I raced the Canadian Championships DH and I did not ski that well...  
Congratulations to the winners!!!
I am now looking forward for tomorrows SG. I am feeling more comfortable doing turns rather then going straight. 

Julian,Graham and Cedrick. Guys from the Quebec Ski Team.

Cook at the start, beginning of the inspection.

This is Todd, he is working for Head Canada and has been helping me out a lot in the past week in Whistler and also here at Nakiska... Thank you very much Todd!! 

Todd making sure everything is in top shape. Then it is up to me to deliver. 

I will talk to you soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canadian Champs...

After a great week in Whistler I am now in Calgary staying with Erik Guay his wife Karen and little Logann.
Erik and his family just came from out East a few days ago, so he was able to bring my laptop and my camera, so I am getting back on it with the blogging.

This week I am racing the Canadian Championships in Nakiska. The first training run was today, followed by another training run tomorrow, then DH race on Saturday. 

This morning I left from Calgary with Jan Hudec and his little boy Oakley. 

Here is Jan, driving us safely to Nakiska.

This is Oakley playing brick breaker, and being super focused. :-)

It was raining in Calgary then when we got closer to the mountain we also got also closer to the sun... 

This is the mountain Nakiska!!

Jan and my self in the starting gate just before inspection. 

The top of the DH...

It was nice to ski some DH today, although it is quite an easy hill. BUT as they say:  "The easier the hill the harder it is to be fast.!!" I had a okay run today and looking forward for tomorrow and the rest of the Champs!!

I will keep you posted.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stoked to be back in Whistler!!

I arrived yesterday here in Whistler. I am joining the Quebec ski team for the last set of races. It is really nice to be back in Whistler, it is one of my favourite places to race. The races will start next week on Tuesday ( if the weather allows us to race ). Right now we have classic Whistler weather. In the valley it is a mixture between really wet snow and rain. On top of the mountain it is dumping snow. I wish I could show you guys some pictures, but I forgot my camera at home in Montreal so it will take a few days until Canada Post will deliver it.

Current Weather situation in Whistler.

Here is the weather forecast for the next few days in Whistler.


Snow, snow, snow and then at the end some more snow.... I think I will go powder skiing a lot!!

Check out this video and you will realize why I like Whistler so much!!

So next week I have a bunch of races on my program. I will be racing the Nor-Am Cup finals here in Whistler. Two SG and two GS races, after that will travel  to Calgary where I will be racing the Canadian Championships in Nakiska. 

Cheers Jeff