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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The reason I did not update my blog in so long is because I did all the updates on my supporter page on facebook. Which you should check out by the way if you haven't yet. 

But in the past few weeks I have been getting some e mails and messages telling me that you guys are missing my blog posts and that not everybody uses facebook. So this blog post will be a quick run-down of the past weeks. 

First things first.
Mid February I was racing Nor Am Cups in Colorado, to be exact I raced two GSs in Vail, two SG and two DH races in Aspen. I finished second in the first SG and I won the second SG with quite a lead over the second guy.  

Super happy!!! 

I skied well those days but I knew that I could be faster and ski better even though I had won. With these two good results in my pocket, Johno McBride (the men's Canadian speed World Cup head coach) told me that he would give me the opportunity to race two World Cup SGs in Crans Montanta, Switzerland. I was super happy about that, and booked a flight to Europe right then and there.

Once I arrived in Europe, I met up with TEAM TBS for some amazing ski training in Austria before leaving for Switzerland.  I used those few days to work on the things that I wanted to change after the races in Aspen.

Hans, Armin and myself.

Once I arrived in Crans Montana I could not wait for race day. 
I started with Bib nr. 39.  It was my first time on that hill but I really liked it off the bat, technical, lots of rolls and rough conditions. 
Before my run I watched a few guys on TV and a lot of them had problems, as this one jump on the course went quite far and the lending was right in a compression. I figured out a plan on how to ski it and stuck with that. 
Right off the start I went all out. I wanted it badly!! 

Going for it!!

I finished 23rd and was super happy about that result!!!

That day was a great day over all, my friends and team mates had a great race as well. Jan Hudec finished 2nd and Erik Guay 14th.

Yea Jan!!! Good job.

At the second race in Crans Montana I did not finish, due to a tactical mistake. I was bummed about that, but I knew I was on the right track. 

After the races in Carans Montana the National Team took me to Norway to race the SG World Cup in Kvitfjell.  It was great to be back in Kvitfjell, that is where I had my first top 15 World Cup result a few years back. 
This year we had two SGs in Kvitfjell. In the first one I skied really well on the top half of the course and also had a fast split time, but I got late after I hit a bump and skied into the outside gate and did  not finish.


The next day at the second SG I finished 28th which was okay for how I skied. Finishing top 30 I have to be happy,  considering I am fully self-funded and on my own program!! Meaning I don't have a full support system, no coach, no technician as I can not afford it. 
Although I was really lucky to have a few sponsors and supporters and TEAM TBS really helping me out. Without all of them this would not be possible. Thank you so much!! You are a big part of this success.

Okay back to the results. Top 30 was amazing, but next year I will go for better results. Getting these results gives me the will to work hard in the summer to be even more prepared for the next winter season.

After Norway I came back to North America where I had a GS Nor-Am Cup in Stow (Vermont).  My buddy Warner Nickerson organized a wonderful home for me to stay at. It was a great family, Carolyn  and her husband were Warner's coaches when he was a young boy. 
I skied okay in Stow but my first run was not that good so the final result was not really what I was looking for. 

Right after Stow I drove to Quebec City where there were a bunch of races scheduled in Le Massif and Mont Ste Anne: Nor-Am Cup finals and Canadian Championships. Due to warm temperatures they had to cancel everything other than the SL races. As I don't race SL, there were no more major races left for me. 
I was not really happy that we were not able to race at all. As I love Le Massif and like the race hill as well, it would have been good for me to get some races off. As skiing is an outdoor sport we have to accept what we get, regardless of the really difficult conditions we had in North America and Europe.
Sometimes it works to you advantage and sometimes not.

Enjoying spirng skiing (from the right)  MP, Maddy, myself and Anna. 

A few days after our amazing day of spring skiing together, Anna Goodman announced her retirement. She is now on her last stretch of races. Anna is a wonderful girl, great skier and one of my closest friends. I will miss her a lot!!

When I injured myself (just before the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver) I got surgery and was stuck on the couch at home in Montreal. The only good thing about that, was that I got to cheer Anna on. 
Anna had a torn ACL as well, but she raced the Olympics anyways. She had a brace on her knee and still finished 19th... 
After the Olympics, Anna got surgery and came back to Montreal. Where we hang out together. We went to physio together and kept ourselves busy while rehabbing. 

I wish Anna all the best for her next chapter in life.



Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You gatta love the X Games!!

Amazing video of the 2012 Winter X Games!!

Believe in Sarah!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

First Euro trip of 2012.

The reason I did not blog for so long was that I traveled to Europe and I forgot my camera in Montreal. So with no pictures it is not that fun to tell you guys what I have been up to...

I gathered some pictures from friends that were racing with me so I will give you a quick run down  from my last month in Europe.

First off I landed in Munich ( GER ) and then I drove a long way to Val d' Isere ( FRA )

Once we got to Val d' Isere I could not believe my eyes, there was so much snow.... 
Can you imagine F.I.S. had to cancel the mens World Cup races at this exact place, one month before we got there because of lack of snow!?!

In Val d'Isere I raced two Europa Cup Down Hills, and one F.I.S. Super G where I finished third.

After Val d'Isere we had a few more races in Meribel ( FRA) and Switzerland before I went to Italy to see my family.

Not quite like his younger brother Hans Olsson, but we like Jon anyways ;-) And maybe one day we will accept him on team TBS (team blue sky) ... if he is lucky.

When I was in Italy my Dad and I went powder skiing at our home mountain Speikboden, which is an amazing place for free-riding...

My Dad...

... and I

Now I am back in Mont Tremblant, where I will train for a few day. I am feeling really good on my skis, and I am looking forward for the up coming races in Vail and Aspen.



Tuesday, January 3, 2012


SERVUS FASHION  is a new sponsor of mine! 

It is a new young incoming company from Italy. "SERVUS" designs their own fun, sporty, party T-shirts and more... At the moment they only have a German online shop, but plans are under way to open an online shop for North America as well.
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Good Luck.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy holidays...

I am back! ;-) 
After a great holiday time, which I spent in Mont Tremblant I am leaving tomorrow for Europe. 
The past few days involved a whole lot of eating, relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. 

Today though I started the new year on the right foot. Getting up at 6 am for a Super G session with Louis Pierre Helie and Erik Guay. It was a bit foggy on the mountain but we still managed to get four runs in before 9.30 am. 

Here are some pics from todays training, it was pretty dark in the morning and my phone did not take any "cover shots", so I had to work with what I got...

First chair lift ride in the new year... I love my job :-)

Lup and I walking to the start at Mont Tremblant, no people to be seen that early. Only the groomer fixing last minute details before the crowd shows up.

Troopers!! Lup the birthday boy posing for the pic.

Happy birthday my friend!! All the best and keep it up.

I would like to wish all of you a happy new year, and all that your hearts desire!!

Tomorrow is the same plan as today, other then after training I have to head back to the city to fly out. 

Europe here I come....


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ups and downs of ski racing...

Sorry for slacking on my blog, but I was staying at a lodge cabin in the middle of the mountains so internet was not really high speed. To be honest it was nice (for a few days) to have limited internet access.  

The past few weeks have been hard and did not go like I planed, that is the way it goes though in this sport. One day you are up and the next you can be at rock bottom. I have to say that even though the results were not good, I still had some amazing turns. I was just not able to put it all together from top to bottom.  

Working on my skis...

Alex and my self

Me during the GS run.

Me still looking at the bright side of life!!

Talking about the ups and downs of skiing , My buddy Hans Olsson is on fire!!! He won both World Cup training runs at the Val Gardena DH... I am so happy for him. Yes it is "only" training but still it's amazing. Tomorrow he will be racing the SG and then on sunday it will be the official DH race.
Cross your fingers for Hans.
He has also been going through the ups and downs..... and now it seems like he's got a grip on the good!!! No matter what his result is this week-end, this pass week is a definite confidence boost for team TBS!

I hope I will see Hans on sunday in the TV as happy as he was after this training day at Stubai in October.

We just went for dinner to a Chinese place and I opened a fortune cookie, and this is what my fortune red. :-)

I thought it would be cool to share with you guys.

Now I am flying back to Quebec, I will relax and finalize my christmas shopping, before I will start training in Mont Tremblant next week. I am looking forward to get back to Tremblant, see my friends and family tank some energy and get ready for the races in January. 


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ronny in the Rockies

The last few days I was racing at Nakiska. I am touring the Noram circuit with my friends Alexander Koell from Ost Tirol / Sweden and Arjan Wanders from Holland. 
We were not the fastest in Nakiska but at least we are the ones that are having the most fun, I am sure though, the results will come soon, as I am skiing good. Best advice to kids: Remember to ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!!!!

Yesterday we travelled here to Panorama and we are lucky to be able to stay at Alexanders uncle Roko, who is one of the best mountain guides here in Canada at CMH Heli-Skiing. 
His log cabin is in the middle of no where and his next door neighbors are cougars and elks. 
We are enjoying a day off before we start racing the next Nor - Am series here in Pano.

Check out our video for the latest ski equipment changes.
Ronny and Friedl in action.

Hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you soon.
Friedl the schimen.