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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Toooo bad so sad!!!

I raced the US National Champs GS today here in Winter Park.
After my first run I was in third place which I was really happy about. I was only 6 tenth behind Ted Ligety who was leading, and 3 tenth behind Tim Jitloff...
I felt comfortable in the first run, although some gates where a bit soft. 
In the second run I made some mistakes and moved back to 5ft place... Tommy Ford won, Tim was second and Ted finished third.  Congratulation guys!!

It got even softer second run and I could not adapt quick enough and I fell on my hip entering the last pitch... But it is all good.... now I am looking forward for the upcoming SG in two days.

The bottom part of the second run... with the train in the background... its honking keeps me up at night!!

Big up for the organizers here Winter Park. Athlete Launge, lunch and gifts included...

Nice snakes at the Athlete Lounge to get some energy before racing!!

Team TBS is on a roll, Hans Olsson won two gold medals at the swedish Champs, Andy Romar won the German SG title last week in Garmisch!!! Yea boys, let's keep it going. 

I have been racing a lot in the past weeks and also had to travel from one race to the next,  tomorrow will be a day off and I will use it to recover so I am ready for the SG.
Have a great day,

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