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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today I raced the SG and I won!! I am really happy about this win!!

I picked start nr. 1 last night and felt good this morning. 
Once again I was the last guy during inspection, but I guess I just need more time then a lot of other racers to really figure out what line I will take. It was the right one!
Once I was getting ready in the starting gate I knew what I had to do and how it should feel, and I also knew that I had the best skis under my feet!
Everything fell in place today.

Me being super happy!! :-)

The last few gates of the Super G race.

Congratulation to Dustin and Jan!!

Piotr, a Coach from the Quebec ski team. Thank you Piotr and the whole Quebec team staff for your generous help.

Posing with my trophy with Dave Irwin ( Crazy Canucks racer ) my new friend Dennis who is in charge of the start.

Cook, Todd and my self. 

What a great day! Now I have to go get ready for tomorrow. On the program is a Super combine, but I will only be racing the SG and not do the SL part. The SG will also count as a F.I.S. SG.

Have a nice day and talk to you soon.

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