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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stoked to be back in Whistler!!

I arrived yesterday here in Whistler. I am joining the Quebec ski team for the last set of races. It is really nice to be back in Whistler, it is one of my favourite places to race. The races will start next week on Tuesday ( if the weather allows us to race ). Right now we have classic Whistler weather. In the valley it is a mixture between really wet snow and rain. On top of the mountain it is dumping snow. I wish I could show you guys some pictures, but I forgot my camera at home in Montreal so it will take a few days until Canada Post will deliver it.

Current Weather situation in Whistler.

Here is the weather forecast for the next few days in Whistler.


Snow, snow, snow and then at the end some more snow.... I think I will go powder skiing a lot!!

Check out this video and you will realize why I like Whistler so much!!

So next week I have a bunch of races on my program. I will be racing the Nor-Am Cup finals here in Whistler. Two SG and two GS races, after that will travel  to Calgary where I will be racing the Canadian Championships in Nakiska. 

Cheers Jeff

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