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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I just got the great news that my sponsor DGRGCPM will once again be supporting me!!
I am really happy about that. 
DGRGCPM is a unique sponsor, which is put together by a great group of men who have been supporting me since a few years. They help me get a little closer to my dream and support me to achieve  my goals in ski racing.  I want to thank them for believing in me, it means so much to me! I will be proudly wearing their logo on my right shoulder.

The letters represent the first letter of each of the seven guys' last name.

Not being fully supported by the team ( Alpine Canada ) makes things financially much more difficult for me this year.  DGRGCPM's help and enthusiasm  towards me are a great encouragement and are truly appreciated.
You guys rock!

Sorry that the photographer cut one of you out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Deutsche Version bitte weiter unten lesen.

Now I am in Italy at my family's home. After a few good weeks of skiing in Stubai, I am now doing some of my last dry-land sessions, before kicking off the pre-season ski training in Nakiska. I am working with Andreas Niederkofler, who is my dry-land coach since about ten years. I really like the training with him because it is quite challenging. Almost every time we train together he has some new exercises for me. We are working a lot on balance and stabilization, because I really think that that is something which helps my skiing a lot.

Nach einigen guten Skitrainings Wochen bin ich bei meiner Familie in Südtirol. Hier absolviere ich nun einer meiner letzen Trockentrainingseinheiten, bevor ich nächste Woche nach Canada fliege und es wieder mit dem ernsten Skitraining beginnt.  
Hier trainiere ich mit Anderas Niederkofler, der mein Trainer und Ansprechpartner in konditioneller Hinsicht ist.  Ich trainiere bereits seit vielen Jahren mit ihm. Mir gefallt dass Training mit Andreas gut da es sehr anspruchsvoll und abwechslungsreich ist. Fast jedes mal wenn ich mit ihm trainiere hat er neue Übungen für mich. Wir arbeiten sehr viel mit verschiedenen Gleichgewichts- und Stabilisationsübungen, da ich denke, dass mir das sehr viel beim Skifahren helfen kann.

Balancing and worming up my body.

Andreas checking out the program.

Training with the Propriomed. 

Fun exercises with fun equipment. Thank you for your help Ivan.

Stay posted and talk to you soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank you Hans aka TBS

Another week in Stubai with great conditions. The coaches of TBS really worked hard. Even though it snowed quite a bit, they got the hill in top shape. Our training run was in good condition, hard packed snow. I know it is hard to believe, but Helli, Alouis and the cat drivers were working in the early mornings pushing the fresh snow out of the TBS hill.
Hans invited me this week to stay at his apartment in Innsbruck. It is a nice place and it is only a 30 min drive to the base of Stubai, which is perfect. Hans, thank you very much again for everything. I think this year TBS is in top shape to start the season after such a great camp.

The HEAD techs.

The coaches sitting in the "cat" pushing the snow out of the TBS hill.

Amazing conditions. 

Great morning.

Armin, THE technician and Hans, after training on the way down.

Next morning, Hans inspecting the GS course. 

Now I am back in Suedtirol with my family. Enjoying the weekend. I will watch the race at Soelden tomorrow and I will be cheering for my Canadian team mates..... GOOD LUCK GUYS AND GO FOR IT!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winter wonderland.

I am back in Stubai again. It snowed over the past few days, and today the sun came out and it was a beautiful morning. 
I skied GS with Hans on the great TBS hill.  Helli and Alouis were up on the hill all day yesterday and prepared it, pushed a lot of new snow out so we could get down on the harder stuff. 
The first few runs the snow was a bit softer but it got better after each run.
My GS skiing is coming a long, but I still have a month of training ahead of me, with I am looking forward too.

Getting ready in the morning. ( Hans thanks for the pic. )

Helli and Alouis pulling out the fence from the fresh powder. Hans just checking if they do it right.

Hans and his girlfriend Maria at inspection. 

I hope the weather will stay good, so we have a few more days of good training.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

On hold.

The plan was to go back to Stubai tomorrow with TBS,  but I just spoke to the coach and he told me that it snowed 25 cm. So I will be staying in Suedtirol for one more day and hopefully I will be able to go skiing on Tuesday. 
This gives me some time to work on my skis and also enjoy time with my family.... Right now we have a full house, my parents, all three of my sisters and their boyfriends are here. 
All I am missing is Julie, who flew back to Canada on Friday. 

The view from my home in Suedtirol. It snowed in the mountain. 

Enjoy your weekend, and talk to you soon.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another great week in Europe.

Last weekend Hans and Daniel came for a visit to Suedtirol. We went for a traditional "toerggelen" dinner, to taste all the fresh wine, fruit, meat and specialties of my home valley. 

Yummy chest nuts. 

Oh yea, this wine is good!!!

The LION came out!!

Yes, I can really play the accordion. 

After a great weekend, I spent another great few days in Stubai with team blue sky aka Swedish Team. Great GS training...
The snow is still amazing and I am improving each day.  TBS has been amazing to me, thanks again. 

Beautiful morning on the way up to the glacier.

Julie getting ready for a big coaching day.  

Another wonderful morning on the glacier. 

Danie, for team blue sky!

Picture of the day, thanks to Hans the "can-do-everythinger"

Now I am back in Italy at my families home, recovering a few days and enjoying the beautiful fall days. Julie and I went to see the castle in my town today. Not everyone has the opportunity to see something with so much history, so here are some pictures from our epic adventure to the castle. 

We are going to the castle dance!!

The nice castle, in my backyard... our goal was to reach the top windows of the tour, in less then 10 min. 

On the way up...

From inside the walls, after a 6 min walk from my families house. 

I forgot to tell you, I was a knight in my previous life. I had to protect my princess. 

The view from the top of the tour. We did not make it in 10 min, there was to much to see :-)

After our "hike" we went for a little walk in the park. 

Now I am resting for a few days, taking care of my knees with physio and dryland. 
Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stubai with TBS.

These days I am skiing with the swedish team in Stubai, Austria.
To be exact I am skiing with TBS: TEAM BLUE SKY. 
The team is made of  "Super Star" Hans Olson and team mate Daniel Ericsson. They are surrounded  by  a group of great coaches and Head ski service team. Their support has been unbelievable and the environment really helpful toward my skiing. 
I am really grateful to have the opportunity to train with them on the amazing glacier of Stubai. The Stubai cat drivers created a Super G and GS hill just for "TBS"! And lucky enough for us, it was blue skies all week and hard snow!!
My lovely girlfriend Julie aka Pooffy the pocket dog, has arrived this past Wednesday. She has been a big part of my support system on and off the hill. Thank you!!!

Just getting ready, in the back ground, skiers left is THE  Super G training run. 

My pooffy and I! :-) 

Coach Luis giving me some tips and in the background, Armin the tech looking a bit skeptical in his new YUNIK sun glasses.  

Head has been a great support. 

Lots of fast skis waiting to get going. 

What a cool glacier. 

Anja Person hitching a ride.

Team TBS Hans on the left, and Dani on the right, kicking ass at dryland. 

More blogging ahead.... Watch out!!!