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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I just got the great news that my sponsor DGRGCPM will once again be supporting me!!
I am really happy about that. 
DGRGCPM is a unique sponsor, which is put together by a great group of men who have been supporting me since a few years. They help me get a little closer to my dream and support me to achieve  my goals in ski racing.  I want to thank them for believing in me, it means so much to me! I will be proudly wearing their logo on my right shoulder.

The letters represent the first letter of each of the seven guys' last name.

Not being fully supported by the team ( Alpine Canada ) makes things financially much more difficult for me this year.  DGRGCPM's help and enthusiasm  towards me are a great encouragement and are truly appreciated.
You guys rock!

Sorry that the photographer cut one of you out.

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