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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another great week in Europe.

Last weekend Hans and Daniel came for a visit to Suedtirol. We went for a traditional "toerggelen" dinner, to taste all the fresh wine, fruit, meat and specialties of my home valley. 

Yummy chest nuts. 

Oh yea, this wine is good!!!

The LION came out!!

Yes, I can really play the accordion. 

After a great weekend, I spent another great few days in Stubai with team blue sky aka Swedish Team. Great GS training...
The snow is still amazing and I am improving each day.  TBS has been amazing to me, thanks again. 

Beautiful morning on the way up to the glacier.

Julie getting ready for a big coaching day.  

Another wonderful morning on the glacier. 

Danie, for team blue sky!

Picture of the day, thanks to Hans the "can-do-everythinger"

Now I am back in Italy at my families home, recovering a few days and enjoying the beautiful fall days. Julie and I went to see the castle in my town today. Not everyone has the opportunity to see something with so much history, so here are some pictures from our epic adventure to the castle. 

We are going to the castle dance!!

The nice castle, in my backyard... our goal was to reach the top windows of the tour, in less then 10 min. 

On the way up...

From inside the walls, after a 6 min walk from my families house. 

I forgot to tell you, I was a knight in my previous life. I had to protect my princess. 

The view from the top of the tour. We did not make it in 10 min, there was to much to see :-)

After our "hike" we went for a little walk in the park. 

Now I am resting for a few days, taking care of my knees with physio and dryland. 
Talk to you soon.

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  1. Looks like you and Ju are having so much fun! So happy for you too! Love the pics! I have very similar ones! Hope the knee is going well and that training is going well?! Bisouxxx