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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ronny in the Rockies

The last few days I was racing at Nakiska. I am touring the Noram circuit with my friends Alexander Koell from Ost Tirol / Sweden and Arjan Wanders from Holland. 
We were not the fastest in Nakiska but at least we are the ones that are having the most fun, I am sure though, the results will come soon, as I am skiing good. Best advice to kids: Remember to ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!!!!

Yesterday we travelled here to Panorama and we are lucky to be able to stay at Alexanders uncle Roko, who is one of the best mountain guides here in Canada at CMH Heli-Skiing. 
His log cabin is in the middle of no where and his next door neighbors are cougars and elks. 
We are enjoying a day off before we start racing the next Nor - Am series here in Pano.

Check out our video for the latest ski equipment changes.
Ronny and Friedl in action.

Hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you soon.
Friedl the schimen.

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