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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ups and downs of ski racing...

Sorry for slacking on my blog, but I was staying at a lodge cabin in the middle of the mountains so internet was not really high speed. To be honest it was nice (for a few days) to have limited internet access.  

The past few weeks have been hard and did not go like I planed, that is the way it goes though in this sport. One day you are up and the next you can be at rock bottom. I have to say that even though the results were not good, I still had some amazing turns. I was just not able to put it all together from top to bottom.  

Working on my skis...

Alex and my self

Me during the GS run.

Me still looking at the bright side of life!!

Talking about the ups and downs of skiing , My buddy Hans Olsson is on fire!!! He won both World Cup training runs at the Val Gardena DH... I am so happy for him. Yes it is "only" training but still it's amazing. Tomorrow he will be racing the SG and then on sunday it will be the official DH race.
Cross your fingers for Hans.
He has also been going through the ups and downs..... and now it seems like he's got a grip on the good!!! No matter what his result is this week-end, this pass week is a definite confidence boost for team TBS!

I hope I will see Hans on sunday in the TV as happy as he was after this training day at Stubai in October.

We just went for dinner to a Chinese place and I opened a fortune cookie, and this is what my fortune red. :-)

I thought it would be cool to share with you guys.

Now I am flying back to Quebec, I will relax and finalize my christmas shopping, before I will start training in Mont Tremblant next week. I am looking forward to get back to Tremblant, see my friends and family tank some energy and get ready for the races in January. 


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