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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hi there...

So I did not really ski the way I can in the last few days. 
I raced the World Cup SG at Beaver Creek, but did not make top 30 which was my goal. 
Now I am in Calgary and I am racing at the North-American Cups at Nakiska. Today was the first SG race of the series and lets just say I am not happy about how I skied. 
But hey, life keeps on going and it is all good as long as I get my good feelings back.... sooner than later that is. 

I am already looking forward to the next race tomorrow.  Skiing is a hard sport, one turn you have it and the next turn you've lost it.... now it's all about how to get it back. After talking to TBS coach Luis and getting some words of wisdom from Larry and Julie, tomorrow I am going to approch it with a different attitude and try to find my touch again.

Julie and her brother Vince lost their dad 8 years ago today...... let's just say that their outlook on life helps me see my bad days on the hill in a different perspective. It's all about having a positive attitude. 
Big hugs to the Langevin family :)

 A shot of me at the Beaver Creek SG.

 In the chair on the way to the top of the run.

Focusing during inspection.

What a cool scenery!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me and talk to you soon.


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