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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sun Peaks.

So yesterday was a free ski day here at Sun Peaks. It gave us some time to check out the injected hill and to feel out the set up on our skis and boots. 
I got to say, I did not expect such a great training hill, it has a bunch of terrain changes and even though it snowed, the training hill is quite icy because of the great injection. The coaches from Team TBS and some local helpers injected 200.000 liter of water into the hill to get perfect ice conditions. Tomorrow afternoon, they will keep going with more water :-)

So today we trained GS in the morning on the ice, and in the afternoon we tested a bunch of skis. 

Andy and my self on the way to the start.

Getting towed to the start of the ski testing track...

One of the best gliders in the world. Hans Olsson!!



  1. hans - also one of the heaviest guys in the world.

  2. Free ski!
    When? Will it happen again?
    We are going to: so it would be awesome to be there for free