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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still no camera...

Yesterday we traveled from Sun Peaks to Lake Louise. As most of you may know the World Cup speed season is starting this weekend.
I am not really sure why but, I will not get the chance to qualify for the races in Lake Louise this year.  But hopefully I will get the chance to qualify for other upcoming Speed World Cups.

I am still here in Lake Louise though, as an official tester for HEAD and HANS OLSSON. But for a closer look at that, I really think you should check out his website.

So since I am in Lake Louise for the ski testing,  I though I might as well forerun as well.  I will be forerunning for the first two training days, before I head out to Aspen for the first Nor - Am cup GS of the season.
I still have not received my camera which I forgot last week in Montreal, I thought I would share a song which we kept playing over and over during the car ride yesterday from Sun Peaks to LL....

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