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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New gear - Aspen.

Getting closer to my first race this season and I am really looking forward to it! 
Yesterday I arrived here in Aspen and I love this place. I am lucky to stay with Warner Nickerson at one of his family's friends home.  Wow, what a place. Thank you very much!!

Actually Warner Nickerson, Jon Olsson his girlfriend Janni and my self are all staying here together. So I am hanging out with Team TNT this week. Looking forward to that. 
For whoever does not know the term Team TNT...well it means TEAM NO TEAM.

So this year I am sponsored by this high class Italian clothing company called VIST. I have got to say, they have great stuff and it looks awesome. So if you are interested in quality winter gear, you definitely need to check out their website.

Just click on vist and it will take you right there:

A little while ago I got my new personal Jeffrey Frisch DH race suits  tested by F.I.S., and it looks good. The race suits passed the test and I am good to go.  

F.I.S suit tester making sure that my suit fills all the requirements. 

On monday the races will start here in Aspen.
I will talk to you soon.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still no camera...

Yesterday we traveled from Sun Peaks to Lake Louise. As most of you may know the World Cup speed season is starting this weekend.
I am not really sure why but, I will not get the chance to qualify for the races in Lake Louise this year.  But hopefully I will get the chance to qualify for other upcoming Speed World Cups.

I am still here in Lake Louise though, as an official tester for HEAD and HANS OLSSON. But for a closer look at that, I really think you should check out his website.

So since I am in Lake Louise for the ski testing,  I though I might as well forerun as well.  I will be forerunning for the first two training days, before I head out to Aspen for the first Nor - Am cup GS of the season.
I still have not received my camera which I forgot last week in Montreal, I thought I would share a song which we kept playing over and over during the car ride yesterday from Sun Peaks to LL....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sun Peaks.

So yesterday was a free ski day here at Sun Peaks. It gave us some time to check out the injected hill and to feel out the set up on our skis and boots. 
I got to say, I did not expect such a great training hill, it has a bunch of terrain changes and even though it snowed, the training hill is quite icy because of the great injection. The coaches from Team TBS and some local helpers injected 200.000 liter of water into the hill to get perfect ice conditions. Tomorrow afternoon, they will keep going with more water :-)

So today we trained GS in the morning on the ice, and in the afternoon we tested a bunch of skis. 

Andy and my self on the way to the start.

Getting towed to the start of the ski testing track...

One of the best gliders in the world. Hans Olsson!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Long drive....

Today Hans, Andy, the phyiso Conny and my self, drove from Canmore to Sun Peaks BC... Wow, was it ever a long drive. I got to say though we had a lot of fun. We played good music on our amazing sound system,  had a techno party in the car, played games and so on... So the time past quite fast.

Just so you get an idea where we drove through and where we are now.

I was in charge to drive for the first 4 hours.

All of us just chilling during the drive...

Hans checking out my new logo on my hat.

So this afternoon we made it to Sun Peaks and it looks like we will have a great few days here.
This is the view from our room.

I am still a bit jet lagged, so I have to try and stay up a few more hours before I can head off to bed. If not, I will wake up again at 4 am ready to go.



Monday, November 14, 2011

Pit stop in Montreal...

Montreal is a great city, it is my home city here in Canada. This time though it was only a really short visit. 

I arrived Thursday afternoon, and this morning at 7 am I had to leave already for Calgary. 
So the past three days not that much happened other then relaxing and spending some quality time with my girlfriend Julie...
I wish I could share some pictures with you,  but as I just realized, I forgot my camera in Montreal. So for now I am posting a great video. Check it out, it is amazing.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mega warehouse sale in Montreal...

One of my main sponsors, SPORT DINACO, witch is located in Montreal is having a big sporting good sale. If you are into sports and outdoor activities you will find a huge selection of high end goods that will fit your needs.

This is the flyer for the sale!! All of the above brands will be found at great prices. So either you are looking for cool MOON-BOOTS, the X BIONIC ski underwear, sweet VAUDE backpacks,  ROHNER socks or LOWA hiking boots and a lot more, you will be able to purchase it there for the lowest prices.

Yesterday I swung by the warehouse to help out and dress up mannequins with all sorts of gear. 

Have fun shopping and  remember...  Christmas is just around the corner!


Friday, November 11, 2011

On the way to Canada.

Yesterday morning as I arrived at the airport in Innsbruck, because I was heading off to Canada. I noticed  a familiar face at the check-in line-up... 

As a lot of you may know, in the past blogs I often posted some videos of "crazy" rock climbers. Because they impress me quite a bit.

So as I was standing in the-line up, I recognized who it was...
It was Simon Gietl. Simon is an alpinist, extreme rock climber and I consider him one of the best rock climbers out there! Once again, just last spring Simon did another first ascent in the Italian Dolomites. 
He had already climbed quite a few first ascents, that since that time have not been done again, by anybody.

Yesterday Simon was heading for Las Vegas. Most of us think Las Vegas is a place to gamble, party and so on, but Gietl explained to to me that really close to Vegas there are great rock climbing areas, where he will climb with his Swiss buddy Roger for two weeks. After that Simon will head to South America and Patagonia for four more weeks.

 Simon in action.

Simon and I at our pitstop at the airport in Frankfurt.
Simon, good luck and keep it up!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Momi, I want one too!!!

As a lot of you might know, Hanse's brother, Jon Olsson has an amazing sports car. To be honest, I think it is unreal... It is a Lamborghini Gallardo lp 560-4 with a ski rack on it!!  I have never had a chance to get a ride in it yet.

Last night though, Jon came for a visit to Innsbruck and he offered the Lambo keys to  his brother.
So  Hans and I went for a ride with the 560 horse power-car. 
At first I had to help Hans to get into the driver's seat. You know it is not so easy to fit a 100 kg DH skier in to a little sports car like that. 

Despite the limited sitting area imagine, how much fun two skie racers had in that thing.  :-)
It was so great, I felt like a kid on the night before Christmas....

What a great car!!

More shots from the Lambo.

Hans could barely fit behind the steering wheel. 

Yup!!! I had a great time.
Thanks Jon, we had lots of fun!!

Now I am back at my family's home in Sand in Taufers, Italy. Only for one night though, packing up my stuff and then leaving for Canada on Thursday morning!

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Funny' winter video...

The winter is around the corner, there are a bunch of different activities you can do in the snow. 
To give you guys ideas, I thought I would share this funny video!!