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Friday, November 11, 2011

On the way to Canada.

Yesterday morning as I arrived at the airport in Innsbruck, because I was heading off to Canada. I noticed  a familiar face at the check-in line-up... 

As a lot of you may know, in the past blogs I often posted some videos of "crazy" rock climbers. Because they impress me quite a bit.

So as I was standing in the-line up, I recognized who it was...
It was Simon Gietl. Simon is an alpinist, extreme rock climber and I consider him one of the best rock climbers out there! Once again, just last spring Simon did another first ascent in the Italian Dolomites. 
He had already climbed quite a few first ascents, that since that time have not been done again, by anybody.

Yesterday Simon was heading for Las Vegas. Most of us think Las Vegas is a place to gamble, party and so on, but Gietl explained to to me that really close to Vegas there are great rock climbing areas, where he will climb with his Swiss buddy Roger for two weeks. After that Simon will head to South America and Patagonia for four more weeks.

 Simon in action.

Simon and I at our pitstop at the airport in Frankfurt.
Simon, good luck and keep it up!


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