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Saturday, September 24, 2011


So today I trained downhill for the first time in over two years.  I was so excited to finally go fast again and do some jumps. 
For downhill training they have a great track here in Zermatt, the top section is flat with some rolls, the middle section is  more technical with a nice jump and the bottom section has some good gliding turns.
Right away from the first run on, I tried to focus on the right thing and do my best. It worked out great!
After this training today, I realized again how much I missed the speed in the past years. Also it is really good and important to train different events, because one will help the other...

Once again we are more the lucky with the snow and weather conditions, so we will also train downhill tomorrow. 

The top section of the DH course.

Three... two... one... 

In the summer it is the time to get the new skis on the snow and ski with them as much as possible. Armin, the great service man and friend, got a bunch of skis ready for Hans and myself. Thank you!!!

Lois and myself in the T bar after he gave me some advice for the course. 

Hans and myself at the start.

At the last run, Hans hit his toe in the ski boot when he landed at the jump, he was in pain going to the top. So in the T bar, he took off is boot, left it in the ski and just rode the T bar on one ski to the top!!
P.S. He is feeling better now. :-)

Helli and Hans in the gondola on the way down. Yup, we were tired after six runs in almost 4.000 m altitude. Although we will be back tomorrow for one more day of DH!! And the back to Saas Fee...


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