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Friday, September 16, 2011

Good times in the gym and more....

In the past week I have been mostly working out in the gym, but also had some time to do some rafting. 
Some of you may know that in my time off I am also a rafting guide. 

Balancing and core at the same time....

Single leg squatting really fires your legs up!!

In the gym where I work out, there are a bunch of different "guidance messages" posted on the wall... This is one of my favorite ones:

who will not know
the goal,
will never find the 

 I am finally able to jump pain free... Thank you Dr.  Bob Litchfield!!!
P.S. I am to fast for the camera :-)

Some crazy rafting shots!!!

I am in the back with the orange shirt. The water was powerful that day!!!

When the water / river is only white, you know it is intense!!!

My knee is feeling great and I hope it will stay that way once I will go skiing next week.
On sunday team TBS is going back to switzerland for more ski training on the glacier. 
To be exact we are going to Saas Fee and we will mostly focus on GS during this camp. 

All the best and stay posted.


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