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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mont Sainte Anne

Last week I left Montreal and headed towards Quebec City. I stopped off at Louis-Pierre's place to see how he was doing. He just had his surgery about a week ago. He is well, up and walking already without crutches.
After I drove to Mont Sainte Anne where I have been training and racing with the Quebec ski team. 
I was for-running a few GS races and raced some SG in the past two days. At the same time I have been trying to ski lots to get milage  under my belt. My body has been holding up really good. The first few days I still felt my knee and groin a bit, but now it is feeling a lot better and I can almost ski pain free, which is something new for me. 
Today I skied my first DH training run in almost two years. ( it is a quite easy DH ) but it was great to be back on the long boards and looking for speed. Tomorrow is another training run and then I will be racing two days of DH. 

Pictures from the past week here in Mont Sainte Anne.

In the morning on the way to the hill.

The top of the course, yes it is really flat!!

The for-runners getting ready to go.

The final pitch of the race course.

View from the start... all the way at the back of the picture you can see Quebec City.

Piotr the comedian and JP, the Quebec men coaches.

The girls waiting for awards!!

Laughing with Piotr...

I will talk to you soon. Stay posted!!!


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  1. That looks sweet! are U coming back to europe later on??