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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Come back from my come back!!

I did not blog in quite some time. 
Just after the world cup race in Alta Badia Italy I raced some more F.I.S races in Italy. At the last F.I.S. GS that I raced in Pampeago I partially tore my MCL ligament and pulled my groin quite bad. I have not skied in over a month. 

I came to Canada a few days ago and today I skied for the first time again in Mont Trembalnt QC. It was a cold day out on the slopes but it was great to rip some turns. My girlfriend Julie and I skied with Anna Goodman and her boyfriend Marco ( Marco Sullivan is coming back from a concussion, after a crazy crash at the World Cup downhil in Bormio ).  It was fun to ski all together and just enjoy the day. 

Mont Tremblant.

Julie is excited to go skiing.

Yea Julie!!!

Mike showing us how it is done.

Enjoying a hot chocolate with Mike and his friends. 
Mike the coach, sitting on the end in the black jacket. 

Mike is a good family friend of ours. He was born in Austria and came to Canada with his parents as a young boy. He has been skiing and racing almost his whole life. Mike was the ski school director where my Mom and Dad worked for a few years.  Five years ago, when I moved to Canada, Mike and his wife Donna took me up in there home in Mont Tremblant. They helped me out to get where I am and still support me along the way. Coming to the point, Mike and Donna are my Canadian parents. 

Marco, Anna and Julie... Chilling in ski racer position. ( leaning on the poles )

Trying to smile with frozen faces....

It was a great day to spend with my friends. 
Now I am looking forward to go ski racing in Mont-Ste-Anne in the next few days. It will be good for me to start slowly at the F.I.S. races and find my race mode again.

Talk to you soon.

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