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Friday, February 4, 2011

Frolicking through the snow....

It was a good week for me in Mont-Sainte-Anne to get back on snow. I skied six days in a row, trained and raced three different events. To be exact I raced four races and had two days of Geant-Slalom race training. I am happy to say that I am feeling comfortable on my skis again. I still have  work to do on my gliding part in Downhill but I am confident that it will come back to where it once was.

After spending the week in Mont-Sainte-Anne I was briefly in Montreal for one night, and look at what mother nature brought upon this wonderful city.

This morning I drove to Mont Tremblant where I had a nice and relaxing day off. After I organized my ski training for the up coming week with Jacko Graton ( head coach of the Tremblant ski club ) I went snow shoeing with my girlfriend. We had a great afternoon! 

Hitting the lake.
Some friends where following us.

 Some fun in the snow!!

Taking a break and making a snow angel.

Trying to ski my way back home, but I had to walk!!! The perks of snow shoeing... That is why I love DH skiing.

What a great day it was although I had to walk a lot. 

I am looking forward for the coming week of ski training. I will be training five days of GS here in Tremblant.

Cheers and talk to you soon.

P.S.: I learned a new word today.... frolicking. Here is the definition: 1. a light-hearted entertainment or occasion 2. light-hearted activity; gaiety; merriment

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