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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A tough day at the office!!

Today I raced at the World Cup race in Alta Badia! Wow, it was the iciest hill I have ever skied on. After a really good training yesterday on icy and tough conditions, I was looking forward to today's race. 
I started off quite well, had some really good turns, but after a big mistake and almost not making the next gate, I kept fighting to the finish... I was pretty far out, but it was still a very good experience and I learned a lot. 

A few days ago I talked to Didier Cuche ( one of the best skiers out there ) and he said that in ski racing  there are many more tough and difficult times rather than good days. I thought about it and realized that he really is right. Often you ski well and do your best, but sometimes at the end of the race it is not enough. It turns out to be a tough and sometimes a frustrating day even though you were so close to having a good day. That is how fast it can go in ski racing. You only have about one to two minutes time, where everything has to work right and you have to go all out and put it on the line....

Tomorrow I will have a recovery day at my family's home in Sand in Taufers, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday two more F.I.S. GS where I will try to have one of those good days, where everything will come together.

The last few gates of the GS in Alta Badia.

My biggest fan and strongest believer. MY DAD!!

Me in the finish, after fighting down the icy hill.

My Dad, my sister Isabelle and me after the race.

Isabelle and her boyfriend Michael posing with my skis.

I will talk to you soon... All the best.


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