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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A good day in Calgary!!

Yesterday morning we trained GS with the French team here in Nakiska. It was a good morning, and I am feeling better each day. I am still not fully in race mode, but getting closer each training session. 

After our training on snow we drove to Calgary for a good dry land session with Matt Price, who is the teams dryland coach. We worked out at the Canadian Olympic Park.  It is about an hour car ride from Nakiska to get there, but the drive was really worth it.  
C.O.P. is a great training facility for athletes. You’ll find all sorts of equipment from lifting platforms to ice baths and services like physiotherapy. It was a really good workout with Matt and the rest of the team.

On the way to Calgary. 

Warming up on the bike.

Me doing some jumps.

Matt explaining an exercise on the vibration plate.

On the vibration plate.

Crazy hamstring exercise, as you can see in JPs face!!

After dry land we met with Derek Robinson the teams sport psychologist. He is the best sport psychologist I have ever met. I worked with him  about four years ago when I firs qualified for the national team. He helped me in a lot of ways to achieve my goals. I was really happy to see him again, and I will work with him in the next few weeks before the racing season starts. 

Talk to you soon,

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