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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Traveling to Italy.

After a great summer in Montreal,  I came to Italy last Saturday to get back on to snow and prepare myself for the oncoming winter.

The past few weeks I spent training in Montreal and organizing a surprise „PARTY“ for my girlfriend’s 30th birthday. It turned out to be a great evening. There were lots of friends that she had not seen for a long time, and she was really surprised. She hadn’t expected anything at all. After a great evening where  I met lots of Julie’s friends,  we went back home and I got ready to fly out the next day to Italy.

So I arrived here in Italy last Saturday and the next day, I went with my sister Isabelle,  her boyfriend Mike and my other sister’s boyfriend Matthias on a wonderful but very long bike tour around a mountain close to home, which is called Paitler Kofel. We biked for almost 4 hours and did over 1.380 m in altitude which was really cool.  Some parts were so steep that some of us had to push our bikes for a bit.

This is how the morning started. Matthias checking out the route on the maps.

This is the rode we came up on. Once we were above the tree line it was very steep. 

Me and my sister Isa almost at the top, waiting for the rest :-)

This was the steepest part of the tour, 
( you can not really tell on this picture, but trust me it WAS ) 
the last 5 min, before getting to the top. 
Matthias pushing his bike.

We made it!!!

Coolest shot of the day!! Mike getting ready for the downhill part.
Check out the view!!!

The nicest part of biking up the mountain so high is that you can 
enjoy the ride back down.

The scenery was gorgeous.

We made it!! Behind us the mountain 'Paitler Kofel'. We biked around 
the whole mountain group. You can not even see how far we went, 
the zoom of the camera was too small. HAHA....

I hope the next post will be about my first days back on snow. 
Talk to you soon.


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