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Sunday, September 19, 2010

First days back on snow

A few days ago I went skiing again for the first time in over six months. It was a great feeling to be out on the glacier wearing my ski boots and skis.
The first two days I just took it easy and felt how everything was going. 
After that I started working with my old coach who knows me since I was young, therefore he also really knows what I need to work on to have a good come back  this season. 
So we started with low technical exercises.... snow plow, pole plant and easy sliding on the edges, real technical " drill " training.  This might sound strange to you, but you really have to start with the basic exercises if you want to change some technical stuff. I know this will help me for the coming season. 

Me and Lucia Recchia after my first turns on the glacier in Val Senales. (Italy)

Me in the front, our coach Hanjorg, and Lucy in the back. 

Looking down from the top of the glacier. 

I am loving it!!

My knee is feeling a lot better and I hope that I can soon start training in gates and working towards the coming winter.
All the best,


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