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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yea I did not blog for a few months. I know.

The last two months have flown by!  I’ve been keeping myself busy with rehab, working out, extreme pilates, visiting my family in Italy and enjoying beautiful Lake Tremblant!
My knee is progressing really well and I have my sights set skiing at some point in the fall!!

I can’t wait to get back on snow, but I have been thoroughly enjoying the summer while getting myself and my knee back in shape!
Here are a couple of pictures from lately!!

June first.... my birthday, enjoying a great dessert, which my girlfriend her brother Vince and his girlfriend Cat prepared for me. 

Pontoon PARTY!!! Having lots of fun on the lake with friends.

Me posing in the lake...

My buddy Ju, trying a back flip. Did not really work out. HAHAHA.

Picture of the day.... Gab jumping off the top of the Pontoon... Style points 10. Landing points 8.5

My girlfriend Julie surfing the wave behind the boat... Good Job, you rock.

In July my girlfriend and I went to Florida for a little vacation, visiting her mother Celine and Larry. We had a great time and laughed a lot. Larry and Celine took us to Disney World, which was a wonderful experience for all of us, although Larry has been there before. 

The dream team in Magic Kingdom. Behind us, the famous castle of Disney World.

Celine and Larry; trying to keep their heads cool, while we waited for the parade.... 

Here you go, Mickey and Minnie mouse.

Every one looks like this in Florida. I guess it is a new look, that will probably will be here in Canada next summer. So get ready!

Larry and myself ( the two italians ) in the italian part of Disney World.

A little inscription in the sand. Florida 2010 Julie & Jeff.

Celine and I; playing beach tennis.

Enjoying fresh pesto pasta and a good glass of wine.

We went to visit my family's good friends , Monika and John who I had not seen for a very long time. It was great to see them and catch up. P.S. Thanks for the great meal, Monika. 

Julie and I, last night out in Florida. It was a great vacation. Although we both look happy, we did NOT want to leave. 

Now I am back in Montreal for two more weeks, and then I will go to see my family in Italy where I will also get back onto the snow. I can not wait, it was a great summer but I am really exited to be going skiing soon.

I will try to start bloging more often....
Talk to you soon.

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