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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am going to Vancouver - yes, I am going to the Olympics! Wow, I am so excited!
I was just told only a few days ago that I will be able to participate in the Olympics at Whistler Mountain. What an opportunity!  I will be racing the Olympic GS. 

At the moment I am relaxing and recovering from the last weeks. Because I still have almost two weeks until the GS race, I will soon be leaving for Nakiska ( Alberta) where I will be training and  preparing myself so that I will be able to give it my best at the race.

I am really happy about being able to compete in my first Olympic games, especially because they are hosted in Canada.
It is a dream come true for me.  I will compete for Canada , give it my best and think of my buddies John, JP, Frank, Larisa and Kelly!
An experience I am bound to never forget.

Talk to you soon,


  1. supo jeff, dews isch wirklich a tolla erfohrung, bravo bravo!! genieß di toge und mir hern ins bold, isa

  2. Supp jeff, its markus, good luck buddy ill b watching you on the 21st call me when ur back in town well go ice fishing or grab a drink

    love you cousin!