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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Momi, I want one too!!!

As a lot of you might know, Hanse's brother, Jon Olsson has an amazing sports car. To be honest, I think it is unreal... It is a Lamborghini Gallardo lp 560-4 with a ski rack on it!!  I have never had a chance to get a ride in it yet.

Last night though, Jon came for a visit to Innsbruck and he offered the Lambo keys to  his brother.
So  Hans and I went for a ride with the 560 horse power-car. 
At first I had to help Hans to get into the driver's seat. You know it is not so easy to fit a 100 kg DH skier in to a little sports car like that. 

Despite the limited sitting area imagine, how much fun two skie racers had in that thing.  :-)
It was so great, I felt like a kid on the night before Christmas....

What a great car!!

More shots from the Lambo.

Hans could barely fit behind the steering wheel. 

Yup!!! I had a great time.
Thanks Jon, we had lots of fun!!

Now I am back at my family's home in Sand in Taufers, Italy. Only for one night though, packing up my stuff and then leaving for Canada on Thursday morning!

Talk to you soon,