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Friday, October 14, 2011

Super G!!

Wow, this morning when we left Innsbruck it was raining and it did not look good at all! It seemed like it was going to be a tough day out there

Once we arrived at the base of the Mountain it was extremely cloudy.

In the parking lot of the gondola.

Once again though, the weather fooled us and half way up the gondola I could see through the clouds and in to the blue sky. 

At this point I knew it would be another great day.

The past few days it snowed quite a bit here in Stubai, which is great, because we really needed the snow here in Europe on the glaciers. Despite the difficult snow situation, the coaches of Team TBS Helli and Lois, once again came through with a promising SG track. We started a little bit lower then usual, but therefore we also finished lower and were fortuned, that one of the Stubaier Glacier team cat drivers, was hired to pull us, with his snow cat, to the bottom of the tbar.
So it turned out to be another amazing day.

Hans and some coaches walking towards the hill.... The snow guns are blowing... finally it is cold enough!! :-)

Physio Oskar is ready for a great day as well...
Thanks for all your help!!

At first we all piled in the back of the snow cat and after... 

...we got pulled behind it like in a tbar.

Me just being happy!!

I think Hans was praying to the gods and thanking them for the wonderful weather and the amazing ski equipment!! :-)

Helli and Lois giving us the last tips before our first run!

I am so happy that I am finally able to ski speed events again without my knee bothering me!!

After a great training, I am strapping up my skis being super satisfied about the day.

Things are falling into the right place, I am working in the right direction, I am feeling better, stronger and more confident each day I am skiing.



P.S. Happy birthday to my sister Isabelle!! ;-)

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