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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in "Stubai"

Yesterday Julie had to leave to go back to Canada. We spent a great two weeks together. It was nice to have her here. 

Julie ready to go back to MTL. Although she looks happy in this pictures, she was not happy to leave me!!

Now I am training again with team TBS in Stubai. Because Hans, the founder of TEAM TBS, is a good friend of mine and likes to hang out with me :-) I am allowed to stay with him at his nice apartment in Innsbruck.
Like this we drive up in the morning to Stubai, the drive is only about 30 min. There we ski in the morning and then come back to a nice homely environment...

Early morning on the way to Stubai.

You might know this guy as: "THE LION MAN" his real name though is Hans Olsson!! You wonder why "THE LION MAN"!?1?
Well don't ask me, as far as I  know he named him self that way!! I think it is because he loves to eat mega big Wienerschnitzel!!! :-)

Talk to you soon.


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