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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ski testing in Sölden...

Last night Hans and I arrived here in Sölden, so we could do some ski testing with the HEAD TEAM!! 
Quite early this morning we drove up on the glacier.  Hans and I tested all our DH skis on a speed track, which was about 20 seconds long.  Like that we can find out what skis work on certain snow conditions. At the same time, ski testing really improves my gliding skills. 
It was great, the only tuff thing was, that it was super cold up there, and doing 29 runs wearing a thin downhill suite did not feel to good....

Getting ready in the morning, loading skis on the ski-doo and trailer...

Hans and another tester getting pulled up to the speed track. 
In the background you can see the GS race hill!

Hans, Armin and other testers unstrapping the skis. 

Brrrr.... it's cold, but I am ready for a good day...

...and so is Bartli! 

From the left, JP, Cook, my self and Dixon.

While I was ski testing, the canadian boys, who are racing her on Sunday, trained on another hill. I did not see them in long time, so we met up after our training. It was really nice to see them. Good luck on Sunday guys!! Time to rock and roll...

After I got back down from the glacier, warmed my self and got the blood flowing again in my feet, I went to see Bartli. Bartli is one of the guys who is in charge for the HEAD ski boots. He makes sure everything fits, feels good and answers any question you my have about ski boots.

Bartli putting together the last parts of my possible new boot.

Yup, seams like everything fits!!

Tomorrow I will have one more day of testing, then Hans and I will head back to Innsbruck.



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