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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gym session...

Good morning to all of you...

Yesterday Hans ans I had a day off here in Innsbruck! We did not do much at all, I could not sleep long in the morning because I am so use to get up early now. We had a great breakfast and went for a walk in town...That is  about all we did.

At this time of the year I really try to ski a lot, the conditions on the glacier are great and mentally I feel like I want to ski more. 
It is also really important for a ski racer though, to still work out (in the gym) whenever I can, so I keep my muscles fired and my strength at a high level.

So this morning Hans and I, are having a gym session!! Or should I say a intense gym session?!! :-)
Last time we went to the gym Hans and I made a short video, so I though I would share it with you guys and the world, so you know what we are up to... 

I hope you enjoyed it!? ;-)

Never forget... When you think you are training hard, the others might be training harder!! 

All the best,


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