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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few days ago my sisters, some friends, Julie and I went for a fun hike in the Dolomites.  To be exact, the mountain is called Dürrenstein, it is 2.835 m high. It was a great hike and the weather was amazing. The fall in South Tirol is the best time to go in the mountains, the view is so clear and you can see far away into the horizon.The reason for this is that the air is colder, but not cold enough to snow yet so perfect to enjoy the outdoors. 

It was Julies' highest summit ever climbed, so she was really stunned and amazed by the view. But to be honest every time I am on top of a peak like that I feel like it is my first time up there too...

Although I am an amazing photographer and tried to get some great shots,  it was not possible for me to capture the unbelievable moments we experienced. ;-)

All of us on the way to the top! 

 Jules enjoying the outdoors.

My sisters Isabelle and Vanessa...

Almost at the top!!! Once we got up there, Julie enjoyed a traditional hikers snack...

I am Supa Man!- Arnold

From the left, my sister Vanessa, Isabelle, me and Julie. In the background on the right side of Julie, you can see the famous Drei Zinnen. 

My three sisters and I enjoying a good beer and a fresh cake at the mountain lodge.

Now team TBS is back in Stubai (Austria) for two days of GS training.

All the best,


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