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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Borg, Federer, FRISCH, McEnroe; All the same to me!!!

Yesterday afternoon I had tennis training with Ossi. Ossi was my tennis coach when I was growing up. In the last few years I was not really able to play because of my knee.... Now that my knee is feeling great I decided to start playing again. I think tennis is a great sport for body and eye coordination, and at the same time it really works your endurance and mindset.
If you can keep your focus for a whole tennis match, I am convinced it will help you for long ski training sessions and intense races. On top of that, Ossi has been helping me a lot with mental preparation. He always has good advice and tricks to help me find my way. 

Yesterdays' session consisted of an hour and a half of different drills and foot work. It helps me a lot for ski racing, as I have to be quick on my feet. 

So as you will see in the following video and pictures, there is not a lot of difference between the Swedish legend B. Borg, the great Federer and the super-athlete Frisch! 

I even impress myself~ ;-P

Technical similarities

Preparation: open stance and uperbody rotation
Point of contact on the ball: Brushing up the back of it to generate top spin
Finishing shot: identical position

For my part, I obviously have mastered all three technical phases. 

And then when you make a sweet shot, you can celebrate like John McEnroe!! He is awesome.... and his hair was even better than his game. My hero.

Ossi making sure that I am moving quick enough. He is mean on the court but is an amazing guy and coach.

This morning and......

... this afternoon! The weather changes quickly in the mountains. Let's hope the snow keeps falling tonight.

This is the view from our balcony at home.

On an other note, the snow has settled on the mountains here in Südtirol and I am excited to get back on snow this upcoming week in Stubai.  See you on the glacier!!


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