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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Team TBS in Zermatt...

I am back blogging!!!
After a great summer, that I spent mostly in Montreal and Mont Tremblant I came to Europe about a week ago. 
Now I am in Zermatt ( Switzerland ) for ski training. We are really lucky to be able to stay at a apartment of a future TBS star. Because of that once again we have the best set up throughout the history of ski racing.

I am really happy to be back here. I did not ski for quite some time, so it is great to be on snow again. The conditions on the glacier are really good, hard snow and blue sky are just the right thing for Team TBS ( team blue sky ).

The coaches Heli Krug and Lois Prenn are really great and make sure that we have the best training space.

 5 am from the balcony of our amazing condo...
The town of Zermatt and the Matterhorn in the background. 
If you look closely you can see on the ridge ( closest to us ) some small lights, which are people on the way to the peak... 

Fun is important... From the right, Alex Koell, me as the champion, Hans Olsson and Andy Romar.

Hans posing with our amazing technician Armin.  

Amazing conditions on the glacier, and the Matterhorn in the background. 

Today we were not able to go skiing because lightning struck the gondola station on the glacier last night, so we hit the gym in the morning.
After that we picked up super ski star Maria Pietilae Holmner, girlfriend of Hans Olsson... She came for the day to hang out for Hanses birthday ... Bay the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANS!!!
We all watched a movie together and enjoyed a bunch of candy... 

 View from the couch this morning!! 

Working hard in the gym... 

Our physio Oscar ripping it up!! Keep it up man....

Maria giving Hans his birthday gift!!! Lucky you Hans...

Mattias and me chilling... Thanks again to you and your family for the great hospitality. 

Tomorrow we are back on GS program. The weather forecast for the next few days looks great. So lets rock...
All the best and talk to you soon.


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  1. Hi, I will ski in Zermatt for the first time, but I went many times in Mont tremblant. Would you say that both has the same trail difficult levels? My wife is a beginner, and I'm not sure how she will handle Zermatt. In Mont tremblat she went in some intermediate splopes with no problem at all. Any tIp will be highly appreciated.