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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Extreme Slackline

The weather has been holding up amazingly her in Zermatt... I am skiing lots and enjoying every minute of it. I started skiing GS a few days ago. It is nice to be back in gates!!! 

Yesterday after skiing we had a great  time doing slackline. At the beginning it was kind a hard, but we improved along the session.

Hans was actually pretty good at it!! 

 Mattias kicking ass...

 I am showing them how it is done :-)

I am adding this video that you should check out... It is unreal what is possible on the slackline... These kids are great!!!

Hans, Mattias and my self just passed out on the couch a few minutes after we came home. So tomorrow we have a day off to reenergize and come back for a few more good days on snow.


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