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Friday, February 11, 2011

Skiing in Mont Tremblant

The past few days I trained with Jacko Graton, Head coach of the Mont Trembant ski club. He is a great coach with lots of experience and advice.  He has helped me throughout the years.

For most of you, you have no idea who Jacko is , so I thought I would briefly tell you about him.
Jacko is a level IV instructor and level III coach, he was also a ski patrol, he flies planes, has a passion for the outdoors, is a master diver.... and this only to mention a few things that he does. Basically he is one of the most well-rounded people and interesting people you will ever get to meet. He has contributed to the world of skiing in Quebec for a very long time, he was head coach of the Laurentian zone and Quebec ski team and also has help a lot of National team athletes past and present reach their goals.

Therefore he was inducted to the Laurentian Ski Hall of Fame in 2010.

The great mountain, Mont Tremblant.

A part of the training hill.

So to get back to my training, on Wednesday it was just Jacko and I.  Then, for the last couple of days we joined the kids and coaches from the ski club. It was three days of great GS training. I am really happy to have such a great ski club supporting me every time I am back in Tremblant. The coaches are doing a great job, not only on the hill, but also after skiing with great video sessions....

Some guys inspecting the course. 

On the way in the chair with some girls form the ski club.

Thank you for the great week and I will see you soon. 


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  1. Wow! Where is Jacko at? Ha ha! I need him, I want to learn Skiing. :) thanks for these images. Mont Tremblant is simply amazing.