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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helmet artist.

A few weeks a go when I was training and racing in Mont Sainte Anne I noticed that a lot of racers had very interesting and cool designs on their helmets. Close to the designs, or sometimes even hidden in the middle of it, I could see the letters LAU.
After a few days skiing it caught my attention more and more. I really wanted to find out who this was behind all those sweet drawings. It made me want to get a little art work one on my helmet as well. As I was sitting at the dinner table I heard the girls from the Quebec ski team talking about it and it was brought to my ears that LAU was standing for Laurence Vallerand. 

Laurence is a member of the girls Quebec ski team, not can she only ski well but she also has a good hand for drawing, she is quite a talented one!
Laurence does not paint brush helmets, she uses some sort of waterproof glass pen.
I've seen a lot of paint brushed helmets and because of safety reasons it,s not the best. If you get your helmet paint brushed it needs to be sandpapered first which is not good for a helmet.

The cool thing about what Laurence does, is that she can pretty much do any design and finish a helmet in a short amount of time. The drawings will not influence the safety of your helmets at all. The helmet will keep its original color and design and Laurence will work around it.  

This is my helmet!

A few more different designs....

This is Laurence, aka LAU the Artist!!

For anyone that is interested in getting something cool and fun contact her directly at or find her on facebook!!


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