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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stubai with TBS.

These days I am skiing with the swedish team in Stubai, Austria.
To be exact I am skiing with TBS: TEAM BLUE SKY. 
The team is made of  "Super Star" Hans Olson and team mate Daniel Ericsson. They are surrounded  by  a group of great coaches and Head ski service team. Their support has been unbelievable and the environment really helpful toward my skiing. 
I am really grateful to have the opportunity to train with them on the amazing glacier of Stubai. The Stubai cat drivers created a Super G and GS hill just for "TBS"! And lucky enough for us, it was blue skies all week and hard snow!!
My lovely girlfriend Julie aka Pooffy the pocket dog, has arrived this past Wednesday. She has been a big part of my support system on and off the hill. Thank you!!!

Just getting ready, in the back ground, skiers left is THE  Super G training run. 

My pooffy and I! :-) 

Coach Luis giving me some tips and in the background, Armin the tech looking a bit skeptical in his new YUNIK sun glasses.  

Head has been a great support. 

Lots of fast skis waiting to get going. 

What a cool glacier. 

Anja Person hitching a ride.

Team TBS Hans on the left, and Dani on the right, kicking ass at dryland. 

More blogging ahead.... Watch out!!!

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  1. who is that man armin the tech my biological father has that same name and I heard he was a tech for that ski team please e-mail me please e-mail me ive never met him if you can point me in the right way to get ahold of him I would be forever I debt to you