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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remember to breathe...

Hello all!!
I am still hanging out in Innsbruck and we have been skiing SG for the last few days in Stubai.
Hans, Alex and my self were talking about what places we have been and have liked ether summer or winter destinations.

As I am traveling quite a bit in the winter and summer for ski training and races, I had to think about it for quite some time. When I am in Canada I spend most of the time in the province of Quebec, and I have to say I love Quebec, even though my french is not that great, but I am learning!!
Most of the time that I spend in Canada I live Montreal, and personally I think that Montreal is one of the greatest cities in the world!! Montreal has to offer lots of history, a lot of culture, great restaurants and to top it off, the coolest hockey team in the world :-) Although they are on a loosing streak these days. 

But for now, lets get back to yesterdays descusion with the boys...

I think in the winter time one of the coolest places to be is western Canada.
Check out the sweet travel Alberta video....

Hans really likes Bali! He has been there a few times already during the summer and absolutely fell in love with that place.

Back to my self, because this Bali video is really cheesy!! hahahah... When I am not in Montreal I am in Mont Trembalnt which is about one and a half hours north of Montreal. That place absolutely rocks as well. Endless stuff to do in the Summer and Winter. I got to say though that I might like the summer a bit more there then the winter. The reason for that is, because I love the lake, biking and hiking in that area is amazing!!

Of course there are a lot of other beautiful places in the World I have been, and still have to discover.

Tomorrow some bad weather is coming in, and the they expecting 30 cm of snow on the glacier in Stubai, so we decided to have tomorrow off...


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