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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bye bye Zermatt... Hello Sand in Taufers!!!

After a great camp in Zermatt I am now back in Italy at my family's home.
What a great camp with TBS, it could not have been better!!
The coaches Helli and Luis really make sure that we have the best individual training. Thanks again guys, you rock!!

Armin working his butt off so our rockets run in the winter... 

The view of the Matterhorn never gets old. 

It is great that my family lives here in Italy. Like that I can go "home" between ski camps. I will be here for about 10 days before going back skiing.
This is my family's home....
Click on it, and check it out...

The plan for the coming days is mountain biking and slowly getting back in to the gym for another good dryland session.
All the best and talk to you soon.


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