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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brum brum....

After the ski training on friday I drove to Italy, to visit my family for  a few days. 
It it nice to be here in Sand in Taufers for a bit, I can sleep in my bed and recover... well that is what I have been up to mostly yesterday.

Because I did not have any time till now, I decided today would be the perfect day to go and do some motocross...

Time to get dressed and rock and roll!!

Me enjoying the first turns!!

Time for my buddy Matthias to have fun.

Matthias and I had a lot of fun on my buddies farm. Although we just went easy, because the ski season is starting soon for me and I do want to stay healthy, we had a blast :-)

Tomorrow it is time to hit the gym again, not sure yet what my dry land coach has in mind for me, but I am sure it will involve a lot of weights, biking and jumping....

Stay posted.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another day....

Today I trained GS in Stubai. On the top flat it was a bit soft because it snowed yesterday, on the pitch though, the snow was quite good. I am happy with my GS skiing it is coming a long. I am still testing some stuff with my boots and skis, but it is all falling in to place.

As you can see I was quite tired this morning in the gondola. 

It was a bit windy in the morning, but....

then it turned out to be a great day!!

Our private hill.... AMAZING!! On the top, Lois and Hellis setting the GS course.

Tomorrow it is time to go back to Italy for a few days, see my family, sleep in my bed and relax!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remember to breathe...

Hello all!!
I am still hanging out in Innsbruck and we have been skiing SG for the last few days in Stubai.
Hans, Alex and my self were talking about what places we have been and have liked ether summer or winter destinations.

As I am traveling quite a bit in the winter and summer for ski training and races, I had to think about it for quite some time. When I am in Canada I spend most of the time in the province of Quebec, and I have to say I love Quebec, even though my french is not that great, but I am learning!!
Most of the time that I spend in Canada I live Montreal, and personally I think that Montreal is one of the greatest cities in the world!! Montreal has to offer lots of history, a lot of culture, great restaurants and to top it off, the coolest hockey team in the world :-) Although they are on a loosing streak these days. 

But for now, lets get back to yesterdays descusion with the boys...

I think in the winter time one of the coolest places to be is western Canada.
Check out the sweet travel Alberta video....

Hans really likes Bali! He has been there a few times already during the summer and absolutely fell in love with that place.

Back to my self, because this Bali video is really cheesy!! hahahah... When I am not in Montreal I am in Mont Trembalnt which is about one and a half hours north of Montreal. That place absolutely rocks as well. Endless stuff to do in the Summer and Winter. I got to say though that I might like the summer a bit more there then the winter. The reason for that is, because I love the lake, biking and hiking in that area is amazing!!

Of course there are a lot of other beautiful places in the World I have been, and still have to discover.

Tomorrow some bad weather is coming in, and the they expecting 30 cm of snow on the glacier in Stubai, so we decided to have tomorrow off...


Sunday, October 23, 2011


The world cup season has started!!! 

To keep it interesting for racers, fans and ski lovers, Steven Nyman  started a new website. 
Basically you can pick your favorite top ten racers for every World Cup race, compete with others for a overall ranking and a lot more. The best is that you check it out on your own and register, as it is for free!!

Click on this link and you will get to the right website
I think it is a great idea. It brings fans and athletes of the ski world closer together.

Funny video of Steven....

And this is my pick for the World Cup opening in Sölden today!

I am looking forward to the second run!!

Talk to you soon,


Friday, October 21, 2011

Ski testing in Sölden...

Last night Hans and I arrived here in Sölden, so we could do some ski testing with the HEAD TEAM!! 
Quite early this morning we drove up on the glacier.  Hans and I tested all our DH skis on a speed track, which was about 20 seconds long.  Like that we can find out what skis work on certain snow conditions. At the same time, ski testing really improves my gliding skills. 
It was great, the only tuff thing was, that it was super cold up there, and doing 29 runs wearing a thin downhill suite did not feel to good....

Getting ready in the morning, loading skis on the ski-doo and trailer...

Hans and another tester getting pulled up to the speed track. 
In the background you can see the GS race hill!

Hans, Armin and other testers unstrapping the skis. 

Brrrr.... it's cold, but I am ready for a good day...

...and so is Bartli! 

From the left, JP, Cook, my self and Dixon.

While I was ski testing, the canadian boys, who are racing her on Sunday, trained on another hill. I did not see them in long time, so we met up after our training. It was really nice to see them. Good luck on Sunday guys!! Time to rock and roll...

After I got back down from the glacier, warmed my self and got the blood flowing again in my feet, I went to see Bartli. Bartli is one of the guys who is in charge for the HEAD ski boots. He makes sure everything fits, feels good and answers any question you my have about ski boots.

Bartli putting together the last parts of my possible new boot.

Yup, seams like everything fits!!

Tomorrow I will have one more day of testing, then Hans and I will head back to Innsbruck.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gym session...

Good morning to all of you...

Yesterday Hans ans I had a day off here in Innsbruck! We did not do much at all, I could not sleep long in the morning because I am so use to get up early now. We had a great breakfast and went for a walk in town...That is  about all we did.

At this time of the year I really try to ski a lot, the conditions on the glacier are great and mentally I feel like I want to ski more. 
It is also really important for a ski racer though, to still work out (in the gym) whenever I can, so I keep my muscles fired and my strength at a high level.

So this morning Hans and I, are having a gym session!! Or should I say a intense gym session?!! :-)
Last time we went to the gym Hans and I made a short video, so I though I would share it with you guys and the world, so you know what we are up to... 

I hope you enjoyed it!? ;-)

Never forget... When you think you are training hard, the others might be training harder!! 

All the best,


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today was my seventh day straight on skis here in Stubai. We had great snow - super weather and  we skied a bunch.  It was a great camp. I have to say though I am looking forward for a day off tomorrow ;-)

Hans getting his sprained wrist taped in the gondola from magic physio aka L.S. 

Hans and my self in the tbar.

Me at the start, ready to rock!!

In the background you can see the amazing training hill...

Getting my body fixed and taped from Oskar.

At the beginning of the week, Armin picked up his new company van, and on Thursday we will take it for a ride to Sölden. Hans and I will go ski testing there on Friday...



Monday, October 17, 2011

Nitro Circus...

So we had another great SG day here in Stubai, but that is nothing new.  ;-)
That is why I though to share something different with you guys! Crazy people do crazy stuff!!
Watch this video and you know what I mean.

I guess I could say that the Nitro Circus guys are as crazy as speed skiers.

Tomorrow I will train GS and then I will have a day off on Wednesday.

Talk to you soon.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Super G!!

Wow, this morning when we left Innsbruck it was raining and it did not look good at all! It seemed like it was going to be a tough day out there

Once we arrived at the base of the Mountain it was extremely cloudy.

In the parking lot of the gondola.

Once again though, the weather fooled us and half way up the gondola I could see through the clouds and in to the blue sky. 

At this point I knew it would be another great day.

The past few days it snowed quite a bit here in Stubai, which is great, because we really needed the snow here in Europe on the glaciers. Despite the difficult snow situation, the coaches of Team TBS Helli and Lois, once again came through with a promising SG track. We started a little bit lower then usual, but therefore we also finished lower and were fortuned, that one of the Stubaier Glacier team cat drivers, was hired to pull us, with his snow cat, to the bottom of the tbar.
So it turned out to be another amazing day.

Hans and some coaches walking towards the hill.... The snow guns are blowing... finally it is cold enough!! :-)

Physio Oskar is ready for a great day as well...
Thanks for all your help!!

At first we all piled in the back of the snow cat and after... 

...we got pulled behind it like in a tbar.

Me just being happy!!

I think Hans was praying to the gods and thanking them for the wonderful weather and the amazing ski equipment!! :-)

Helli and Lois giving us the last tips before our first run!

I am so happy that I am finally able to ski speed events again without my knee bothering me!!

After a great training, I am strapping up my skis being super satisfied about the day.

Things are falling into the right place, I am working in the right direction, I am feeling better, stronger and more confident each day I am skiing.



P.S. Happy birthday to my sister Isabelle!! ;-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in "Stubai"

Yesterday Julie had to leave to go back to Canada. We spent a great two weeks together. It was nice to have her here. 

Julie ready to go back to MTL. Although she looks happy in this pictures, she was not happy to leave me!!

Now I am training again with team TBS in Stubai. Because Hans, the founder of TEAM TBS, is a good friend of mine and likes to hang out with me :-) I am allowed to stay with him at his nice apartment in Innsbruck.
Like this we drive up in the morning to Stubai, the drive is only about 30 min. There we ski in the morning and then come back to a nice homely environment...

Early morning on the way to Stubai.

You might know this guy as: "THE LION MAN" his real name though is Hans Olsson!! You wonder why "THE LION MAN"!?1?
Well don't ask me, as far as I  know he named him self that way!! I think it is because he loves to eat mega big Wienerschnitzel!!! :-)

Talk to you soon.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Winter is coming...

The winter is coming and I get super pumped when I watch these videos.
Enjoy them!!!

Another amazing video - trailer.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Breakfast of champion.

On Sunday morning I made breakfast for Julie and my family. A real canadian breakfast for champions, french toast with fruits, yogurt and real canadian maple syrup.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!!

After that, I took Julie for car ride to show her our nice town.


Some pictures from our wonderful home town here in Südtirol!!

Talk to you soon,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Borg, Federer, FRISCH, McEnroe; All the same to me!!!

Yesterday afternoon I had tennis training with Ossi. Ossi was my tennis coach when I was growing up. In the last few years I was not really able to play because of my knee.... Now that my knee is feeling great I decided to start playing again. I think tennis is a great sport for body and eye coordination, and at the same time it really works your endurance and mindset.
If you can keep your focus for a whole tennis match, I am convinced it will help you for long ski training sessions and intense races. On top of that, Ossi has been helping me a lot with mental preparation. He always has good advice and tricks to help me find my way. 

Yesterdays' session consisted of an hour and a half of different drills and foot work. It helps me a lot for ski racing, as I have to be quick on my feet. 

So as you will see in the following video and pictures, there is not a lot of difference between the Swedish legend B. Borg, the great Federer and the super-athlete Frisch! 

I even impress myself~ ;-P

Technical similarities

Preparation: open stance and uperbody rotation
Point of contact on the ball: Brushing up the back of it to generate top spin
Finishing shot: identical position

For my part, I obviously have mastered all three technical phases. 

And then when you make a sweet shot, you can celebrate like John McEnroe!! He is awesome.... and his hair was even better than his game. My hero.

Ossi making sure that I am moving quick enough. He is mean on the court but is an amazing guy and coach.

This morning and......

... this afternoon! The weather changes quickly in the mountains. Let's hope the snow keeps falling tonight.

This is the view from our balcony at home.

On an other note, the snow has settled on the mountains here in Südtirol and I am excited to get back on snow this upcoming week in Stubai.  See you on the glacier!!