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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever!!

I came across this amazing video. Watch it!!!

Some of you might think these people are absolutely crazy, nuts and out of there mind, a part of me thinks, "Yes they are!!" The other part of me knows that feeling, living on the limit and enjoying every moment of it, pushing your self out of your comfort zone and taking it to the next level. You can not describe the feeling unless you have ever experienced it before.
But also keep in mind some stuff they do is crazy, and do not try it at home :-)

Cheers Jeff

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It is the time of the NHL playoffs and I am loving it. 
Although I grew up in Italy and only played hockey this year for the first time in my life I LOVE IT!!!
If I would not be a professional skier I would probably get drafted next year to play for my favorite team, the Montreal Canadians. Just kidding I can barely stop on my skates!! ;-)

To night the HABS are playing here in Montreal against Boston, and if they play the way they have played in the past three games it looks good for us. So go HABS go!!

 One of our best defense man, PK Subban in action.

Although I am in hockey fever, I am starting to plan my next year's racing season.
I am also preparing my summer training and making sure that I will have the best program suited for me to be on top of the game next year when racing time starts. 
I am really happy that I am healthy to start off my physical training and I am already looking forward to working hard in the next few months to get in the best shape of my life.

For now enjoy the hockey and talk to you soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

End of the racing season!!

I just finished my racing season two days ago. 
Although it was a season coming back from injury, it turned out to be a great one. 
Last year after my knee surgery in February, I knew I wanted to keep skiing and reach my goals. At the same time I also had difficult times because I was not a part of the Canadian National Team. I had to organize most of my training by myself, had to budget my whole year and find some strong supporters that would help me out financially to get to the races.  I have to say that without my sponsors I would not have made it through the season. Not only did they help me with their generosity but they were also there for me during the hard times.

A big thank you to all of my sponsors. 

About six weeks ago when I rejoined team TBS ( in Italy at a European Cup, I could finally start seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The coaches of team TBS Helli and Alois worked with me a lot and showed that they had confidence in me.  I knew that if I kept  working hard and kept my goals in sight the season could still turn out to be a good one.  AND IT DID!!! 

From the left, Helli, Peter, Hans and Alois.
Thanks for your help TBS!

Me in action at the SG.

What a great win it was at the Canadian Nationals. 

I also just spoke to Anna and she told me that her hip surgery went really well. They cleared out a bunch of cartilage that got caught in her hip joint and she will lose the crutches in a few days from now.

Yeah Anna!! Keep it up and you will be back in no time.

Yesterday I travelLed from Denver back to Montreal.  Now I will have some time off, re-energize, spend some time with my girlfriend Julie and get ready for a good summer, which I will be spending a lot in the gym and on my bike. 

Enjoy the last few days on your skis everyone and stay posted.
All the best,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring races!?? Not really...

Yesterday I drove with a few friends from Winter Park to Breckenridge... 

Oh yea... I forgot to tell you, we were fully packed!!  And had to stop a few times to make sure we did not loose any of our stuff...

We were jammed in the truck as well, but thanks to our safe driver Chris we made it fine.

Now I am in Breckenridge Colorado, for two F.I.S. GS races. 
They are called spring series because it is spring time and it is suppose to be nice and warm. But this morning when I got to the parking lot at the hill,  I could not believe what was going on. It was -11 in the parking lot, and once I got to the top of the hill it was sooooooo windy, it felt like - 20....

I started with bib nr. 1 which is usually a great thing, but the snow was really bad.  It was like skiing on golf balls. Small little ice chunks mixed with some soft powder.  I was third after the first run. The second run was quite rough and I ended up fifth. I was not happy with this result today, I know I can do a lot better. I guess there has to be days like this though, so you can appreciate more the days when you ski fast and well.  

What a windy day!!

Chris and Charles trying to stay warm!!

Take a good look of the elevation sign witch was on the top of the chair....
FYI This is the highest start for a race on the F.I.S. circuit!!!

On the way to the top... 

During inspection.... as you can see there was crazy wind gust rolling in and out.

After the race we were still able to enjoy the sun, although it was still cold...

Tomorrow there is one more GS on the program, we will see what will happen... I hope the snow will be a bit better tomorrow.